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All meetings are at 7pm at Bolger Middle School unless otherwise noted


Upcoming MCEA Events

 September 24, 2019  -  September Monthly Meeting

 October 15, 2019 -  October Monthly Meeting (NJSBA week of 10/20/19 )

 November 19, 2019 - November Monthly Meeting

 December 10, 2019 -  December Monthly Meeting

 January 7, 2020 -   Organization Meeting

KEA & Keansburg Police Department Community Dinner

October 24th, 2019


Special Thanks to our Speakers

Theresa Turner and Susan Peacock from Moms Demand Action 

Jai Patel from Students Demand Action

George Hoff and Officer Soranno from Keansburg School District


We are fortunate to be part of a strong community that comes together to discuss important issues like the safety of our children.


NJEA Apprenticeship Program

The Apprentice Program is a two-year program.
It is broken down into two distinct program years.

·        (“Active Learning”) consists of ten (10) core training programs (excluding an orientation), one DA meeting, and several specified NJEA conferences as well as optional activities that include additional meetings and events. The apprentices and their mentors interact regularly (suggested at least twice a month), including opportunities for each apprentice to “shadow” his or her mentor in their work. NJEA assigns each apprentice a mentor from its staff.

·        (“Ambassadorship”) consists of apprentices independently honing skills learned with support from the program, representing the Apprentice Program at assigned conferences and NJEA events, providing structured input to enhance the program for the next class, recruiting new members, and having your success highlighted by the program.


Please return by email, fax, or mail by 4 p.m. on March 13, 2020, to:



NJEA Apprentice Program – Human Resources Office
180 W. State St. – P.O. Box 1211
Trenton, NJ 08607-1211
Phone (609) 599-4561 – Fax (609) 394-7303

Applicants must attend an Evening Open House in Trenton to be considered. The Open House is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.  The date will be confirmed with all applicants.

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