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NJEA Health & Safety Webinars

Expectations Regarding Fulltime Remote Learning

NJEA Suggested Minimum Standards

Workday Changes & Contracts

Cameras in the Classroom

Travel & Travel Letter

The NJEA has been providing resources and materials.

They have a site HERE

Please take advantage of these  other tools as well


Returning Safely to In Person Instruction Webinar

Returning to Work FAQs

Accommodations Q&A

Medical Surveys, Screenings & Health Concerns

Ready for the Arts

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NEA Virtual Town Hall Takeaways

NEA Checklist for Safely and Equitably Reopening Schools and Campus Buildings is a great resource to review as you make your decisions about your health during reopening.

We share it here for you to review. Click the document image to begin the download

The NEA has also provided their reading of the new CDC Guidelines

available HERE

At least the NJMVC isn't in charge of reopening!

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